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Summer Salary Form Submission

Use this process to submit a completed Summer Salary Form for processing:

  1. Complete the Summer Salary Request Form, including required signatures.
    Tip: If you are the Authorized Home School approver and are submitting the request, you do not need to sign the form.
  2. Gather any additional/supporting documents and combine them into one electronic file; ensure the Summer Salary Form is always the first page.
  3. Click the button below to submit the request to HR Operations for processing.  (Choose the Summer Salary Form option as your submission type.)
    Tip: If you have trouble submitting and/or the form is not purple, try restarting your browser, clearing your cache, or using Internet Explorer.
  4. You will receive email notifications upon receipt and when your payment has been entered.

For more information about the Summer Salary process, see myHR Administration documentation.