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Authorizing Payments

Access forms required to authorize payments, including establishing payment for new hires and contractors, supplemental payments and salary transfers.

Hiring employees or contractors

Position Data/Appointment Form

The Position Data/Appointment Form is used to set up or modify information for faculty and graduate students. Most staff transactions are processed through an HR Business Partner, but this form may be used for staff status changes, such as termination.

Personal Data Form

The Personal Data Form is required for all new hires (including faculty, staff and students) and is the primary form for hiring a temporary or work-study employee.  This form also is used for employee name and address change requests.

Worker Classification Form

The OnBase Worker Classification Form is required for anyone who wishes to establish a new independent contractor for payment. This form will be reviewed by the Compensation Division to ensure the appropriate status is assigned to the individual.

Supplemental Payments

All supplemental payments must be fully approved before the service occurs. 

Additional Pay Request Form

The Additional Pay Request Form is used to provide additional supplemental payment to individuals that are currently receiving Northwestern pay.

Special Pay Request Form

The Special Pay Request Form is used to provide specific, pre-approved payments to individuals who are not currently receiving a paycheck.

  • Personal Data Form must be included if the individual does not have an EmplID, or if the individual's address has changed since the last payment.

Summer Salary Form

The Summer Salary Form provides supplemental payment for work during non-contracted months for faculty members on a 9-, 10-, or 11-month contract period.

Payroll Journal Forms

90-Day Journal Form

The 90-Day Journal Form provides retroactive salary transfers between chartstrings for charges over 90 days, departments that are not deployed, and transfers that cross fiscal years.

Salary Distribution Adjustment (SDA) Form

The Salary Distribution Adjustment (SDA) Form is used to recover faculty salaries charged to appropriated chart strings for work performed on grant accounts for nine month faculty members:

Other Administrative Forms

Flexible Schedule Form

Flexible Schedule Form for Monthly Employees or Biweekly Employees  working a non-regular work schedule.

Hyperfind Query Request Form

Hyperfind Query Request Form for creating custom queries ("Genies") in Kronos for supervisors.

Fringe Benefit Rates

Multiple fringe benefit rates may be applied to payroll salary payments depending on the account code for the chart string.