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Request Process for Pay-Related Changes


(These include promotional evaluations and equity reviews)

  1. Local HR representative, working with the HR Business Partner, identifies an event (promotion or equity) driving the need for a potential pay change.
  2. Local HR representative submits Salary Adjustment and Reclassification/Re-grade Form along with other supporting documentation (e.g., job description, internal leadership approval) to
  3. Request is scheduled for review.
  4. Compensation team reviews the supporting documentation, conducts external market and internal assessments as required, and provides feedback and/or recommendations to the local HR representative.
  5. Local HR representative reviews/approves Compensation recommendations with internal school or unit leaders as appropriate.

    When making pay determinations, the local HR representative works with managers and HR Business Partners to consider the following information:

    • External market data provided by Compensation
    • Internal equity among employees performing the same work
    • Salary Adjustment Guidelines (see below)
    • Employee performance
    • Internal context (budget, location, etc.)
  6. Local HR representative submits request along with external market and internal compensation assessment/reclassification recommendation to for entry in myHR. Effective dates for all pay-related changes should coincide with the beginning of the next available pay period and corresponding payroll deadline to avoid the need for a retroactive effective date.


  • The guidelines below should be considered:
    • 1-grade increase – 5-10%
    • 2-grade increase – 8-15%
    • 3-grade increase – 12-20%