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Temporary Applicant FAQs

How do I apply for temporary employment at Northwestern University?

Visit the Northwestern University job site to apply online. Under “Job Opening” in the left column, filter by “Temporary.” All employment applications must be submitted online through this site.

Which campus am I applying for?

Campus locations are listed in each posting. Please be aware as to which campus you’re applying to. If you’re open to both campuses, you can feel free to apply to those positions.

May I submit my application without applying for a specific position?

Our application process requires that you apply for specific temporary positions when you submit your application. This ensures that your credentials are reviewed against appropriate openings based upon your interests.

What types of positions are available to temporary employees?

We have an array of temporary positions available to applicants. Opportunities typically range from administrative, financial, research, or technology-based positions. We see temporary positions across most schools and business units at Northwestern.

What happens after I submit my application and resume?

After you have submitted your application you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received. All applications are reviewed and screened against position qualifications. If the hiring manager has an interest in your application, a member of the hiring team will contact you directly. Due to the high volume of applicants we are unable to respond to every applicant for a temporary opening.

How soon may I expect to hear from you if you are interested in my application?

We review applications on an ongoing basis. You can expect to hear from us within two weeks or sooner if we are interested in pursuing your application.

Where are the Talent Acquisition Offices located?

  • Chicago Campus: 750 N Lake Shore Dr., Room 153, Chicago, IL 60611
  • Evanston Campus: 1801 Maple Ave, Suite 6112, Evanston, IL 60201  

How long may I work at Northwestern University as a temporary employee?

A temporary (non-student) employee may not work more than 1,000 hours in any twelve-month period. Job assignments can range from a few days to several months or more. Assignments can also be extended depending on each department’s needs.

Am I guaranteed a full-time position after my temporary position ends?

While we continuously seek to retain outstanding professionals that will help make Northwestern a better place, we cannot guarantee a full-time position given the ever-changing landscape of the University. Whenever possible, the successful completion of a temporary assignment could indeed lead to a full time role, or to a referral to another department.

May I search for regular employment at Northwestern while on a temporary assignment?

Yes. We encourage you to actively search for regular employment at Northwestern while you are employed as a temporary employee. Please keep the lines of communication open with your supervisor and request time off in advance when you have an opportunity to interview.

If hired, do I receive a Northwestern University identification card?

You can receive a Part-time/Temporary Employee ID Card while you are a temporary employee at Northwestern.

  • Your supervisor/administrator must submit a Part-Time/Temporary Employee ID Form  to the WildCARD office. Forms can be mailed in or emailed directly from the PDF. Note: This form must be submitted; emails from supervisors will not be accepted.
  • To obtain the card, visit the WildCARD office an bring your employee ID number and a picture ID (driver's license, state ID, or a valid, unexpired passport).
  • Cards are free for temporary employees, but the replacement for lost or stolen cards is $15 (or $25 for Indala contactless smartcards).

Get directions to our WildCARD offices.

Am I eligible for any employee benefits?

Any employee may participate in the Voluntary Savings Plan . As a temporary employee, you may be eligible for medical insurance if you meet specific criteria in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If it is determined that you are eligible for coverage, you will be contacted by the Northwestern University HR Benefits department.

If you have any questions, please email the Benefits Division at

Do I get paid for overtime hours worked?

All overtime must be approved by your supervisor before it is worked. Any temporary employee who works more than forty hours per week will be paid at the rate of time and one-half for hours worked in excess of forty.

May I park on campus?

Yes, you may purchase a monthly parking pass for the Evanston campus. The Chicago campus has limited parking, therefore parking passes are not available to temporary staff.

Below are links to the parking office websites:

I work on both campuses. Is there a shuttle I can take?

Unfortunately, the Intercampus Shuttle can only be used with a valid WildCARD. Your Part-time/Temporary Employee ID Card can be used to ride the Evanston Loop, Campus Loop, Ryan Field, and the Frostbite shuttles.

I have additional questions. Is there a Handbook for temporary employees?

Yes, The Handbook for Temporary Employees is available online as a resource to further address any of your questions.

Still cannot find the answer to your question?

If you are unable to find the answer to your question about the temporary application process, please contact us by calling 847-467-5872 or email us at