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Related Systems

In addition to the administration functions available to managers and administrators directly in myHR, other related systems at Northwestern provide supplemental data or reporting for HR and Payroll information.

Note: HR's previous reporting system, Vista Plus, has been retired effective March 19, 2018.  All reports previously available in Vista can be accessed from the new myHR Reporting Dashboard.

The Workforce Software Timekeeping system is used by Northwestern employees and managers to:

  • Enter time worked (biweekly-paid regular and temporary employees)
  • Enter time taken off (all regular staff employees and faculty librarians)
  • Approve work/off time for your employees

Access Workforce Software

  • Workforce Software can be accessed from the main myHR Homepage.

For more information about Workforce Software, including instructions and job aids, see our webpage on Workforce Software.


The Cognos BI Reporting tool contains canned reports from many Northwestern business systems. To access myHR-related reports in Cognos, complete a myHR General Access Form; users also must complete HRS101 myHR Data Lookup training and receive myHR admin access.

Access reports

  • Log into Cognos BI Reporting
  • All myHR reports are located in the "myHR Reporting" folder.
  • A user's guide is available at the top of each report's prompt screen.
Payroll Expense Distribution (PED) reports:
  • Payroll Expense Distribution by Chart of Accounts: Payroll data organized by Chartstring
    Secured by NUFinancials: Users must have NUFinancials security and will see all payroll data charged to the same chartstrings visible on their Financials reports.
  • Payroll Expense Distribution by HR Department or Employee: Payroll data organized by Department/Employee
    Secured by myHR: Users will see payroll data for all employees/departments requested on their myHR security form.

Each PED report contains two versions: a Summary report, which provides year-to-date totals along with line detail for each payroll charge in the selected month; and a History report, displaying individual line detail for every payroll charge fiscal year to date.

Other myHR reports:
  • Employee Search Report: Month-end current and historical snapshots of employee data
  • Position Listing by HR Department: View position and budget data for active, filled, vacant, and/or inactive positions in a department
  • Position/Employee Detail by HR Department: View position detail combined with additional employee information, including employees' additional appointments

The I-9 Service Center (E-Verify) is a web-based tool for administrators with proper authority to review employee Form I-9s (Employment Eligibility) and complete Section 2 electronically.  To receive access to the I-9 Service Center and authority to complete Section 2, submit an HR Systems General Access Request and complete the HRP003 I-9 Section 2 Processors training in myHR Learn.

Access the I-9 Service Center

For more information about processing I-9s, including instructions and job aids, see our webpages on E-Verify.

MyHR Learn is the system for employee learning, performance, and development at Northwestern University, including Performance Excellence.

Access myHR Learn

  • myHR Learn can be accessed from myHR; from Self Service, click the "Learning" tile.

For more information about myHR Learn and other learning opportunities for employees, visit the myHR Learn webpage.