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I-9 and E-Verify

About E-Verify and Electronic I-9

E-Verify is an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that allows Northwestern to verify the employment eligibility of its employees, regardless of citizenship.  Based on the information provided on Form I-9, E-Verify checks this information electronically against records contained in DHS and Social Security Administration (SSA) databases. 

Do you need to complete your I-9?

Walk-in hours are available in our Evanston and Chicago offices, and remote options are available. Click here for more information.

Requirements for new employees

  • All employees must complete section 1 of Form I-9 online by the first date of employment. You must also be able to provide acceptable documentation to a University representative with access to our I-9 Service Center to complete section 2 by the fourth date of employment. 
  • Review training guides, including the New Employee Quick Sheet, for step-by-step instructions for new employees and section 2 processors. 

Requirements for re-hired employees

  • US citizens and permanent residents who are rehired will need to complete a new I-9 if the hire date listed on their previous I-9 is older than 3 years ago.
  • Permanent residents will need to complete a new I-9 if their previous I-9 was completed before they were permanent residents. Nonresidents will always need to complete a new I-9. Seasonal employees who have a reasonable expectation to return on a cyclical basis to the same position do not need to complete a new I-9 upon return. A training guide for processing section 3 for rehires is available with more information.

E-Verify Administration

Administrators with proper authority can use the I-9 Service Center (E-Verify) to review employee Form I-9s (Employment Eligibility) and complete Section 2 electronically.  To receive access to the I-9 Service Center and authority to complete Section 2, submit the HR Systems General Access Form, and complete the HRP003 E-Verify/Electronic I-9 Training.

See our training guides for administrator resources.

Northwestern's Participation in the E-Verify Program

Northwestern enrolled in the E-Verify program to comply with the federal contractor regulation. Northwestern University is a research institution and non-compliance with this program could result in suspending or debarring of federal contracts. Northwestern began using E-Verify and electronic I-9s on January 26, 2010. As of that date, paper I-9s are no longer accepted by the university for any new hires. See FAQs related to E-Verify.

Northwestern’s E-Verify Employer information 

NU FEIN: 362167817
E-Verify Number: 297964

Link to international office for further STEM-OPT extension information