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Onboarding New Employees

Congratulations on your new-hire! We look forward to welcoming your new employee to the Northwestern community. Keep in mind that onboarding is a process that takes several months. It is not only a time to assess the new employee’s skills and abilities but it is also your new-hire’s opportunity to become more acclimated to the culture and environment of both your school/unit and Northwestern as a whole. Here are some key resources to assist in a successful onboarding of your new employee:

In addition, below you will find helpful information about the onboarding process, including resources for pre -and post-arrival to ensure a positive new beginning.

Before Start Date:

Before your new employee starts, please review the guides and resources below to help prepare for their first day.

First day:

Please be sure to review the following information with your new employee on their first day.

First two weeks:

Continue the onboarding process by highlighting overviews and education opportunities recommended for the first two weeks.

First 30 Days:

Within 60-90 Days:

 Additional resources for managers & administrators: