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W-2 Form Information

Paper W-2s should arrive by January 31, to the address in myHR as of January 1. Forms also become available in myHR at the end of January.
If your mailed W-2 has not arrived by February 14, you may request a reprint by following these W-2 Reprint Instructions.



Each year all Wage and Tax Statements (W-2 Forms) will be sent to the last known home address that is on file in the Office of Human Resources or made available for electronic download.


The Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service compares your Social Security Name (listed on your Social Security Card) with the name that is reported on the W-2 Form. For each mismatch, they will fine the University $50.00. If you change your name at the Social Security Administration, you must change your name on file in the Office of Human Resources. You can do this by submitting a Personal Data Form with a copy of your new Social Security Card to the Payroll Office. 

Information included on W-2 form

For more information about the content on your Form W-2, contact your tax advisor or see the descriptions on page 11 of the Federal W-2 Form here: