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Other Dearborn National Services

Beneficiary Resource Services

Faculty and Staff or their families who experience the loss of a loved one face complex issues, ranging from coping with grief to financial or legal questions. Those who are grieving should not deal with these issues alone. That's why Dearborn National offers Beneficiary Resource Services, a program that combines grief, legal and financial counseling provided by Bensinger, DuPont & Associates (BDA). BDA has a network of counselors and advisors who provide unlimited phone contact, five face-to-face working sessions, and referral and support services.

Note that Beneficiary Resource Services is provided by Morneau Shepell. Dearborn National does not provide any part of Beneficiary Resource Services.

Travel resource services

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, a trip can be disrupted by a medical emergency, a lost prescription or instability in a foreign country. This is why Dearborn National has teamed up with Europ Assistance USA, Inc. (EA) to offer faculty and staff an easy and convenient way to get the assistance they need should the unexpected happen. EA provides 24-hour services that can help faculty and staff access emergency assistance when traveling 100 or more miles from home, including medical monitoring, medical evaluation, traveling companion assistance, dependent children assistance and visits by family members or friends.

Online will preparation

Dearborn National's Online Will Preparation service lets you simply and quickly create a will online that is valid in all states, free of charge. Online Will Preparation is administered by Beneficiary Resources Services.

Create your will by visiting and entering the username: beneficiary.