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Resolving Workplace Issues

Open communication and feedback are regarded as essential elements of a satisfying and productive work environment. Northwestern encourages its staff members to resolve any issues or concerns they have with each other respectfully and at the earliest opportunity. Additionally, staff should discuss any concerns about the workplace with their supervisor or department leaders.

Staff members who have concerns about workplace matters, and who have been unsuccessful in reaching a satisfactory resolution through discussion with their supervisor or within their department/unit, may discuss their concerns with the Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) who supports their organization. The HRBP will assess the situation and determine appropriate next steps which may include but are not limited to, clarification of policy, referral to university resources, professional advice, mediation, informal resolution, or a workplace investigation.

If the concern is regarding a performance evaluation, this is generally addressed with your supervisor.

For the following concerns, the HRBP is required to notify the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance and refer the staff member accordingly:

Time spent during scheduled working hours in meetings with Human Resources is treated as time worked for pay purposes.

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Contact your department/unit’s HRBP to schedule a meeting. If you are not sure which HRBP to contact, send an email to

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