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Blue365 Vision Program

PPO medical and vision discounts

Faculty and staff enrolled in a Northwestern-sponsored PPO medical plan – Premier, Select or Value – can take advantage of the discounts available under the Blue365 discount program at no additional cost.  Blue365 is a vision services discount program sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield; it is not a vision insurance plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield utilizes two provider networks, EyeMed Vision Care and Davis Vision. 

EyeMed vision care discount

The EyeMed vision care discount through Blue365 is a completely separate program from our regular vision insurance through EyeMed. The two cannot be used together. If you are enrolled in the regular EyeMed vision insurance, the coverage is richer than this discount plan. In that case you will want to provide your 7-digit employee ID number (on Wildcard) to the vision vendor to make sure they bill the appropriate coverage (rather than your BCBS ID number). You can use the discount program on a new transaction after you have exhausted your regular vision coverage.

Available discounts

The EyeMed vision care discount program through Blue365 is outlined below.

*A complete pair of glasses (frame, lenses, and lens options) must be purchased in the same transaction to receive full discount. 

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Davis vision discount

The Davis Vision discount also cannot be used with the regular EyeMed vision insurance. It can be used after the EyeMed coverage is exhausted.

Available discounts

Additional information is available at

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HMO medical and vision coverage

Faculty and Staff enrolled into the HMO Illinois medical plan have vision coverage included with their medical plan. This coverage is separate from our stand-alone vision insurance through EyeMed. In addition, members may receive additional discounts on remaining balances after the vision coverage has been applied, or exhausted.

Available discounts

HMO Illinois members have the following benefits already included in their medical plan:

*Please note members can have a combination of exam, frame, and lenses, or exam, frame, and contacts. Members cannot receive both lenses and contacts lenses in the same 24-month period.

Covered benefits

EyeMed benefits and member shares and allowances for each benefit type.
Benefit Member Share or Allowance
Eye exam $0 copay
Standard contact lens fit and follow-up exam $0 copay
Frames $125 allowance
Standard lenses (single, bifocal, trifocal, lenticular) $0 copay
Contact lenses (in lieu of eyeglass lenses) $75 allowance
Lens options: polycarbonate (kids under 19) $0 copay


Discount program

Frames and contact lenses
EyeMed discounts on frames and lenses.
Member Cost
Frames 20% of balance over $125
Conventional contact lenses 15% off balance over $75
Additional pairs (after benefits are used) 40% off complete eyeglasses, 15% off conventional contact lenses
EyeMed lens costs by lens option type.
Lens Option Member Cost
Standard progressive $65
UV treatment $15
Tint (solid and gradient) $15
Scratch coating $15
Polycarbonate - adults $40
Standard anti-reflective $45
Premium progressive/AR/photochromatic $57-$110 for most options
Other add-ons 20% off retail price

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