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Vision Insurance Plans

Northwestern offers US-based faculty and staff a vision plan through EyeMed. Northwestern offers Qatar-based employees coverage through Cigna International Health plan. Northwestern offers US-based postdoctoral trainees a vision plan through EyeMed.


Plan options

US-based Northwestern faculty & staff:
Qatar -based Northwestern faculty & staff:
US-based Northwestern postdoctoral trainees:

Other vision options

Employees enrolled in one of Northwestern's faculty and staff health care plans have built-in vision coverage or a discount program available at no additional cost. These plans provide financial savings by offering discounts on corrective eyewear such as glasses and contacts, and laser eye surgery. Learn about the vision care programs offered by BlueCross BlueShield & HMO Illinois and Cigna International.

If you have a problem with your eyes, such as an injury or disease of the eye, this would fall under your health care plan.  Read the Summary Plan Description  for Northwestern’s health and welfare insurance coverage.

Laser vision correction discount

This is not an endorsement of this program by Northwestern University.  The purpose of this notice is informational only.  Northwestern employees and their immediate family members have access to a laser vision correction discount done at Northwestern Medicine’s downtown campus by Northwestern Medicine LASIK Physicians. This discount is separate from benefit coverage through EyeMed and vision discounts through BCBS. Call Northwestern Medicine LASIK physicians at 312-695-2549 for further information.