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Childcare Fee Assistance

Every year, Northwestern allocates funds for childcare fee assistance for eligible Northwestern families whose children are enrolled at any of the following childcare centers.

Childcare centers

Contact the centers directly to get started with confirming your Northwestern status and to apply for fee assistance.

Childcare fee assistance eligibility requirements

Funds are awarded to Northwestern families who demonstrate financial need and meet the following eligibility requirements:

 Tips for applying for childcare fee assistance

See Childcare Fee Assistance Program FAQs.

Tax implications

In accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and related Regulations, certain employer provided dependent care assistance is considered taxable income. The University is reporting employer provided childcare fee assistance on Form W-2. When determining your FSA Dependent Care contribution, you will want to take into account the amount of childcare fee assistance received from the University, as the maximum annual exclusion for tax-free employer provided dependent care assistance is currently $5,000 annually.

If you terminate your relationship with the University, you will remain liable for the taxes associated with fee assistance received, which will be added to your W-2.