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Fusion Academy

About the school

  • Fusion Academy logo
  • Fusion Academy is an accredited private school (grades 6-12) and part of Fusion Education Group, a
    worldwide network of schools.
  • Courses are offered at Essential, College Prep, and Honors levels. Fusion students become articulate in both academic discourse and self-advocacy.
  • Fusion Academy celebrates multiple pathways to success and prepares students to navigate their journey with confidence and competence.
  • Fusion Academy provides:
    • One-to-One: one student and one teacher in every class
    • Classes for Credit
    • Middle and High School
    • Tutoring & Mentoring
    • Post-Secondary Counseling
    • Customized Scheduling
    • Homework Café - homework

For Northwestern families

Northwestern University Office of Human Resources does not endorse or recommend any particular school or childcare center, and encourages all parents to carefully evaluate any provider they are considering to care for their child.