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Example Intern/Volunteer Arrangements

Example intern arrangement

Isaac Intern is an undergraduate student at West University. He is majoring in pre-medicine and is deliberating whether he wants to pursue a career in research. He is looking for some “real-world” exposure in a lab over the summer to help him reach his decision.

His mother went to medical school with a physician at a nearby hospital, who in turn put him in contact with a well-known researcher at Northwestern University. When Isaac spoke with the researcher, the researcher indicated there would be an opportunity for Isaac to intern in his lab over the summer and explained that it would be without pay.

Isaac indicated he was not expecting any pay and he was simply eager for the experience. The researcher went on to explain that Isaac would have flexibility with his schedule, but generally would come in for about 20 hours per week until school started back up in August. Isaac would first spend time shadowing various individuals in the lab to learn about their typical days and how to conduct various experiments. Gradually, Isaac would have the opportunity to assist with conducting a few of the experiments himself, under the close supervision of the Lab Manager. The researcher also said Isaac would spend some of his time reading research papers, attending lab meetings, and attending the JOMA conference the department would be hosting in June.  Isaac arranged to get academic credit at West University for the internship.

Example volunteer arrangement

Vicky Volunteer is a former science teacher who has been very active in her community since her retirement five years ago. Vicky also has a nephew with schizophrenia and has been looking for an opportunity to contribute in some way to finding a cure for this disease. 

Vicky recently stumbled upon the Northwestern web site and learned that the University has some very exciting research going on in this area. She contacted the department at the number listed on the web site and expressed her interest in volunteering within the department. She indicated that she is very willing to help out and doesn’t expect any pay for doing so.

In thinking about Vicky’s desire to contribute to the department’s mission, the department indicated that it would be helpful to have someone who could greet study participants when they arrive to direct them to the appropriate building and who could stuff envelopes from time to time. The hours would vary, but would generally be around 3 to 5 per week and no current employees are being displaced due to the volunteer arrangement.