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Third Party Staffing Vendors

Northwestern has Preferred Staffing Vendors that assist with providing 3rd party temps/contractors to fill a variety of roles. These vendors have been extensively vetted by HR Talent Acquisition in partnership with Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing, to ensure they meet the University criteria for providing placement services. Preferred pricing has also been established with these vendors. We strongly encourage departments and schools to use our Preferred Staffing Vendors.

Temporary worker and contractor hiring


Preferred staffing vendors

To review the list of preferred staffing agencies, please visit the Procurement and Strategic Sourcing website.

Requesting a Net ID and email account

To request a net ID and email account for an external contract temp, please email the following information: 

NUIT will provide a confirmation that your request was received. The request is typically processed within 2-3 hours.

Requesting myHR access

Once the net ID is set up, you should be able to request access to myHR Learn and myHR Training by completing the POI Request Form.