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Questions & Answers

Answers to some of your questions regarding the WFS transition are listed below.

Last Updated: September 6, 2023

Workforce Software Deadlines

What are the deadlines for time entry and supervisor approvals?

Non-Exempt Employees:

  • Time entry deadline: 5:00 pm, last Friday of the pay period
  • Supervisor approval deadline: 1:00 pm, the Monday after the end of the pay period
Exempt Employees:
  • Time entry deadline: 6th day of the following month
  • Supervisor approval deadline: 12th day of the following month

*Note that deadlines may occur earlier around University holidays or when monthly deadlines fall on a weekend.

Will email reminders be sent out?

Yes, you can anticipate receiving your regularly scheduled email reminders regarding deadlines.

Will the same process be in place for flex schedules?

If you work part-time or work full-time with a flex schedule, you must submit your schedule to HR. This ensures that Workforce Software accurately records time off without over- or under-charging your available leave.

Download the Part-Time/Flexible Schedule Form:

Note: Full-time employees who work a standard five day work week (Mon-Fri) with the same number of hours each day (i.e. 7.5 or 8) do not need to submit this form, regardless of daily start and end times.

I am an approver and I missed the deadline to approve my employee's timesheet. How do I make sure the employee will be paid?

For non-exempt employees: As long as your employee entered hours in their timesheet, they will be paid for the hours they entered.

For exempt employees: While exempt employees don't report time worked on their timesheet, if an approval is missed, they will be paid as well.

To submit an approval after the deadline for both non-exempt and exempt employees, print out their timesheet, sign your name as approval, and email it to

*If changes need to be made to the timesheet, an amendment must be submitted. 

General Workforce Software Questions

I use one or two pages a lot in Workforce Software; can I add them as Favorites?

You can! Hover your mouse over each page name to reveal a gray star. Add it to your Favorites by clicking the star. Once a page is added to Favorites it will be removed from the original category.

What is an Assignment Group?

An Assignment Group consists of anyone who reports to an individual (e.g. Willie Wildcat's Employees).

I want more information on the mobile version! Is there an app?

There is not a separate app to access Workforce Software on your mobile device. Navigate to the login screen on your mobile browser. The mobile version is supported by Chrome and Safari. 

Are there job aids to help me figure out how to use Workforce Software?

Indeed, there are! There are a number of step-by-step instructions available, along with some how-to videos! All of the training documentation can be found here.

I share a computer; what is the best way to access Workforce Software?

To log out of Microsoft to allow another user to access the site, use this link:

For anyone who uses a shared computer, each user should always use a Private and / or Incognito window to log into any University systems, WFS included. 

I received the message "Unable to identify a unique user" when I tried to login. What do I do?

Since WFS uses SSO (single-sign-on), it will attempt to automatically log you into the system if you are logged into another University site. If you are logged in with your NM account, or saved your NM credentials, you will not be able to log into WFS. 

First, to log out of Microsoft, use this link:

Then, access WFS using a Private and / or Incognito window to be prompted to enter your Net ID / Password.

How can I track my vacation time and Personal Floating Holidays to ensure I don’t lose any hours?

This information can be found directly in your timesheet. Once you click on “My Timesheet” you will see your accruals in the “Time Off” tab at the bottom. To see your projected accruals, use the calendar at the top, left-hand corner of the page to advance to future pay periods. When you do so, the accruals in the “Time Off” tab will reflect your accruals as of each pay period you navigate to.
* Non-exempt employees will only see their accruals change after hours are entered for each pay period.

For more information on paid time off,  refer to section six (beginning with page 57) of the staff handbook. The Vacation Time page also has additional information. 

Power Users

What is a Power User?

Power Users have access to employees in Workforce Software that are not directly under their supervision (previously known as Super Users in Kronos).

Important Note about WFS Power User Access: Power Users have access to see salary detail in WFS (this was also the case in Kronos).

How do I request Power User access?

Super User access does not transfer to Power User access in WFS. To request your access in WFS:

  • If you were a Super User in Kronos, send a list of HR Department ID numbers to
  • If you have a new Power User request, have your supervisor send a request on your behalf to

Timekeeping Processes & Definitions

Grace Periods and Time Rounding

Like most timekeeping software, WFS employs Grace Periods and Rounding for all time entered into the system. Find more information on each below.

Grace Period:
  • Applicable only to employees that swipe at a timeclock and have a pre-determined, regular schedule.
  • The Grace Period ensures that your timeclock swipe aligns with your schedule, as long as you swipe within 5 minutes of your scheduled start or end time.
  • Example #1: 
    • Your daily schedule is 8:00am to 4:00pm, and you are a clock swiper.
    • You swipe in at 7:55am and out at 3:58pm.
    • Because your in and out swipes are each within 5 minutes of your schedule, your time will be adjusted to reflect your regular schedule of 8 hours (8:00am-4:00pm).
  • Example #2:
    • Your daily schedule is 3:00pm to 11:00pm, and you are a clock swiper.
    • You swipe in at 2:54pm and out at 11:06pm.
    • Because your in and out punches are beyond 5 minutes from your schedule, Grace Period is not applied.  Your time will reflect 8.2 hours (2:54pm-11:06pm).
Timeclock Rounding:
  • Applicable only to employees that swipe at a timeclock.
  • In and Out time punches are rounded to the nearest 1/10th of an hour, or six-minute increment.
  • If you also have a schedule, the Grace Period takes precedence over Timeclock Rounding.
  • Example #1:
    • You swipe at a timeclock, but do not have a regular, daily schedule.
    • You swipe in at 8:02am, and out at 12:03pm.
    • Your 8:02 punch will round down to 8:00, and your 12:03 punch will round up to 12:06.  You will receive 4.1 hours of pay (8:00am-12:06pm).
  • Example #2:
    • You swipe at a timeclock, and you have a schedule of 9:00am-5:00pm.
    • You swipe in at 8:56am, and out at 5:10pm.
    • Grace Period takes priority over Rounding, so your in time will be adjusted to 9:00am.  Your out time is beyond the grace period, and will be rounded up to 5:12pm.  You will receive 8.2 hours of pay (9:00am-5:12pm).
Elapsed Entry Rounding:
  • Applicable to employees who enter total time worked or time off (not In/Out time).
  • Time entry will be rounded to the nearest 1/100th of an hour, or two decimal places.
  • Example:
    • You manually enter your time worked into your time card every period.
    • You enter Time Worked of 8.1166 hours.
    • Your entry will be rounded to 8.12 hours.

Time Off Accruals: You will notice that Time Off balances display to four decimal places (e.g. 76.8087 vacation hours). This is to ensure that full accruals are assigned to you as you earn them, and not inadvertently cut short by compounded rounding rules.