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Access Human Resources forms, which can be filtered by the form's audience or category. You can also search for a form by title keyword.

403(b) Waiver FormBenefitsNew Hires
90-Day Cost Transfer Justification MemoPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
90-Day Salary Journal FormPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Additional Pay Request FormPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Additional Pay from Sponsored Projects Justification FormPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Additional Pay Rate of Pay CalculatorPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Application for TGS Graduate Student Childcare GrantWork/Life ResourcesCurrent Employees
Approval To HireHiringManagers & Administrators
Authorization for Release of Personal Health InformationPersonal Information, BenefitsCurrent Employees
Authorization to Obtain References and Release InformationHiringManagers & Administrators
Authorization to Release Social Security NumberPersonal Information, TaxesCurrent Employees, Foreign Nationals
Backup Care Reimbursement RequestWork/Life ResourcesCurrent Employees
BlueCross Blue Shield Health International Claim FormBenefitsCurrent Employees
BlueCross BlueShield Health Claim FormBenefitsCurrent Employees
Commendation of Exceptional Service Nomination FormPerformanceManagers & Administrators, Current Employees
Corrective Action FormPerformanceManagers & Administrators
DCFS Mandatory Reporter Form (English)HiringNew Hires, Managers & Administrators
DCFS Mandatory Reporter Form (Online)HiringNew Hires
DCFS Mandatory Reporter Form (Spanish)HiringNew Hires, Managers & Administrators
Dearborn National Dental Claim FormBenefitsCurrent Employees
Dependent Care FSA Match ApplicationBenefitsNew Hires, Current Employees
Direct Deposit FormPay & PayrollNew Hires, Current Employees
Direct Deposit Form (Qatar)Pay & PayrollNew Hires, Current Employees
Disability Insurance - Evidence of Insurability BenefitsNew Hires, Current Employees
Employment Termination ChecklistPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators, Retiring & Separating Employees
Express Scripts Claim FormBenefitsCurrent Employees
Express Scripts Home Delivery/Web Prescription Order FormBenefitsCurrent Employees
Express Scripts Out-of-Country Claim FormBenefitsCurrent Employees
Federal Form W-4TaxesNew Hires, Current Employees
Flexible Schedule - Biweekly StaffPay & PayrollNew Hires, Managers & Administrators, Current Employees
Flexible/Part-Time Schedule - Monthly StaffPay & PayrollNew Hires, Current Employees
FNIS Request FormHiring, TaxesNew Hires, Managers & Administrators, Foreign Nationals
Form 8233TaxesNew Hires, Foreign Nationals
Form W-7TaxesNew Hires, Foreign Nationals
Form W-8BENTaxesNew Hires, Foreign Nationals
Group Life Portability ApplicationBenefitsRetiring & Separating Employees
HR Operations Upload FormHiring, Pay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
HR Systems General Access FormSystem AdministrationManagers & Administrators, Current Employees
Illinois Form W-4 TaxesNew Hires, Current Employees
Statement of Independent Educational Activities Outside the U.S.Pay & Payroll, TaxesNew Hires, Managers & Administrators, Current Employees, Foreign Nationals
Kronos Approval Delegation FormSystem AdministrationManagers & Administrators
Kronos Query Request FormSystem AdministrationManagers & Administrators
Life Insurance – Evidence of Insurability (EOI)BenefitsCurrent Employees
Life Insurance - Evidence of Insurability Personal InformationNew Hires, Current Employees
Mailing Address Request FormSystem AdministrationManagers & Administrators
Moving Expense FormHiringNew Hires, Managers & Administrators
Music Academy Reduced Tuition ApplicationWork/Life Resources, BenefitsCurrent Employees
myHR Data/Query Request FormSystem AdministrationManagers & Administrators
myHR Web Service Access Request FormSystem AdministrationManagers & Administrators
Nannyshare Network ApplicationWork/Life ResourcesCurrent Employees
OnBase Worker Classification FormHiring, Pay & PayrollManagers & Administrators, Current Employees
Onboarding ChecklistHiringNew Hires, Managers & Administrators
PayFlex FSA Claim FormPersonal InformationCurrent Employees
PayFlex Health Savings Account Trustee to Trustee FormBenefitsCurrent Employees
Payment Packet for Nonresident Independent ContractorsHiring, Pay & PayrollManagers & Administrators, Foreign Nationals
Performance Improvement PlanPerformanceManagers & Administrators
Personal Data FormHiring, Personal InformationNew Hires, Managers & Administrators, Current Employees
Position Data/Appointment FormHiring, Pay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Post-Deductable FSA Expense Reimbursement FormBenefitsCurrent Employees
Prize/Award Packet for Non-ResidentsPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators, Foreign Nationals
Reasonable Accommodation Request FormPersonal InformationNew Hires, Current Employees
Regular Staff Non-Reappointment LetterPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Remote Work Notification FormHiring, Pay & Payroll, Personal Information, TaxesNew Hires, Managers & Administrators, Current Employees
Reports To FormHiringManagers & Administrators
Request for TerminationPerformanceManagers & Administrators
Retiree Benefit Election FormBenefitsRetiring & Separating Employees
Retiree Certification of Health Coverage FormBenefitsRetiring & Separating Employees
Retiree (Staff) Privileges FormBenefitsRetiring & Separating Employees
Salary Distribution Adjustment Form (Medical Faculty)Pay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Salary Distribution Adjustment Form (Non-Medical Faculty)Pay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Social Security Card ApplicationHiring, Pay & Payroll, TaxesNew Hires, Foreign Nationals
Special Pay Request FormHiring, Pay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Staff Recruitment Service Level Agreement (SLA) Process OverviewHiringManagers & Administrators
State of IL Certificate of Child Health Exam FormBenefitsCurrent Employees
Summer Salary Pre-Certification FormPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Summer Salary Request FormPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Temporary Student Request FormHiring, Pay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Test LinkHiringNew Hires
Tuition Supervisor Acknowledgement form (Employee Northwestern Certificate)BenefitsManagers & Administrators, Current Employees
Tuition Supervisor Acknowledgement form (Employee Northwestern Portable)BenefitsManagers & Administrators, Current Employees
Tuition Waiver of Service Period FormBenefitsCurrent Employees
University Children's Center Backup Care Enrollment FormWork/Life ResourcesCurrent Employees
Visitor's Expense ReportPay & PayrollManagers & Administrators
Wisconsin Form WT-4TaxesNew Hires, Current Employees