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As you prepare for retirement, consider evaluating your retirement income, as well as confirming your eligibility for Northwestern retiree benefits.  

Prepare for retirement by evaluating your retirement income: 

Review the steps to take prior to retiring: Benefit Program Information for Retirees.

Age and service requirements

To qualify for the retiree benefits, an individual must meet the age and service requirements below as well as be benefits eligible at the time of retirement from Northwestern. 

Age at Retirement Years of Continuous Service Required as of the Date of Retirement
Full Time Part Time
55 10 10
56 10 10
57 10 10
58 9 10
59 8 10
60 7 10
61 6 9
62 5 8
63 5 7
64 5 6
65 2 2

 NOTE: Retirees who do not continue their medical/dental/vision insurance as a retiree may not enroll in the University's insurance plans at a future date (past 31 days of retiring). A retiree may pick up the University's retiree plan at their retirement for the first time. The Annual Open Enrollment period for retirees only allows changes between plans, not new enrollment or adding coverage for a family member who was not covered by the plan at the date of retirement