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Commuter Parking Program

Inspira, formerly PayFlex offers a Commuter Parking Benefit program for employees who pay for parking at Metra or CTA commuter parking lots.  Employees have several options for paying for their commuter parking benefit:

This program is not used to pay for campus parking administered through Transportation & Parking Services. Faculty and staff on paid or unpaid leaves of absence are not eligible for the commuter benefits.

Enrollment instructions

You can order a transit pass or add funds to a fare card online. When you order a pass, the transit authority will mail it to your home; you’ll receive it before the first day of the benefit month. If you use a fare card, you must first buy it from your transit authority. Then you can load money to it online.

View the complete Commuter Benefit Enrollment Quick Guide.

Creating an account/logging into PayFlex

Enrollment in Commuter Checks for parking

You can pay for your work-related parking expenses with Commuter Checks. These are vouchers that you simply use to pay for your parking expenses. You buy your Commuter Checks online and Inspira will send them to you. Once you receive them you can use them to buy one or more types of parking. You may use more than one check at a time. Note: Be sure to spend the checks as you need them. You will not receive change if the check amount is more than what you’re buying. The checks are only valid for one year. Look for the expiration date on the top of the check.

NOTE: Your Commuter Checks are made payable directly to the parking provider you selected, and they will be mailed to your home address on file in myHR. Ensure your address is correct by logging into the myHR Self Service Portal.