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Post-PAC Process Changes

The Position Approval Committee (PAC) was discontinued on October 8, 2021. The process for hiring, position and employee updates, and Add Pay and Bonus requests have been updated. Details regarding these process updates can be found below. If you have any questions, please continue to use the PAC email address at

 Recruiting for vacant positions

  • New and Backfill Positions
    • Follow Internal approval process
    • Initiate job posting in eRecruit
    • High-level verification of funds
    • Engage TA to prepare for search
    • Begin Recruiting for vacant position

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 Formulating job offers

  • Offer decisions should be made in collaboration with TA Partner
  • Approval to Hire Form (ATH) is still required.

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Hiring Student/Non-Student Temps

  • Updated information available on HR website
  • Follow internal approval process, if applicable
  • Complete appropriate form(s) and submit request for processing.

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Creating new positions and changing job descriptions

  • Only changes to minimum qualifications or significant changes to job responsibilities require HR Compensation review.
  • Requests to have new position and position number created require HR Compensation review.
  • Job Family Job Descriptions are strongly encouraged, whenever possible.

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Reclassifications and Pay/Equity Adjustments

  • New request for required for submission of requests to HR Compensation.
  • Guidelines available on website.

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Add Pay and Bonus Requests

  • HR Approval required for Add Pay and Bonus Requests.
  • Guidelines for Interim and Bonus Pay available on website
  • Add Pay requests outside of recommended guidelines and all bonus requests require VP HR and EVP approval.

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